Music is not about a product, but about emotions!

To make this possible for you, I have a special offer:

We all know it: You search for free beats and get an already mastered mp3 and nothing else. But so you can start right away, and with quality, I offer you 5 unlimited beat licenses, with every track as a high quality .wav file.

So where is the catch? There is none! It’s 100% free.

Beat Licence

With a beat license, you are able to publish your song 100% legally for a low price. Take your music to the next level and get your license now!

Exclusive Beats

To become the exclusive owner of a beat, I offer you of course a matching license for it. The beat will disappear from the store immediately, so grab it fast!

Custom Remix

I offer you custom remixes of your songs, which you can of course publish yourself. Give your fans something new and turn your hit song into something totally different.

Mixing / Mastering

I also offer you the full range of mixing and mastering services. The prices for this vary, depending on the complexity of the project, so a prior arrangement is essential.

A beat license gives you the rights to record with the respective instrumental and to release this commercially. Depending on the license, there are different limits, which I have deliberately kept simple.

No, you only buy a license to use and publish your song with the respective beat. This means that the producer always keeps the rights to the beat and can sell multiple licenses for it.

No, these are just a kind of preview to write or pre record. For any publication you need a license. But if you are in my newsletter, you still get free beats including licenses.

In my case, this means that you get each track of the beat as a single .wav file. This is especially important when mixing your song to be able to edit certain elements individually, for example with an EQ to get space for your voice.